Friday, December 17, 2010

Letter To Ruthie

September 15th, 2010
Dear Ruthie,
    It’s me, Brenda. I don’t mean to disturb your rest, but I was thinking of you and since I can’t talk to you face to face, I decided to write you this letter.
    A lot of our friends have known you for many years. I, on the other hand, have only known you since December of last year. I’m not sure how it happened; maybe  we’re kindred souls. I took you under my wing and you embraced me with yours. Your friendship means the world to me. I consider myself very lucky to have been a part of your life and you mine. I’m missing you terribly, selfishly thinking you left me without saying good-bye. I’m sorry for that, but I was angry I couldn’t be by your side, holding your hand, telling you stories, brushing your hair, hearing your last breath.
    Ruthie, I’m not saying good-bye to you. Good-bye is forever. I’m going to say “see you later”. And I will one day. Until then, sweet dreams my dear Ruthie. I love you!

Brenda Morehouse.